4 Free Stock Photo Sites

Taking beautiful pictures that would work well with all my clients can be hard to come by (I mean, I would love to surround myself with hundred of different environments, unlimited models and families and an incredible camera, but in this stage, I don’t have that.) So I thought I would share my favorite stock photo sites that have an incredible variety of photos for any occasion (and the licensing let’s you use them for free!)

If a photo can speak 1,000 words — you just saved yourself lots of talking.

I will admit, if you can get custom photos — or take some yourself, I would highly encourage that investment. And yes, it’s an investment, so be ready to pay good money because it’s worth it. Good photography is one of the best ways to show quality in your work.

I always encourage my clients to use the best photography — pixels, sizing, clarity and colors can really help your brand stand out and will capture the eye of your audience a lot more effectively.

So if you’re just starting out and need some resources, here are a three I would love to recommend.

  1. Unsplash
    This is my all-time favorite. The search options and weekly new uploads keep this site alive and fresh. They have a variety of different styles, plenty of locations and countries and beautiful imagery that will set your content apart.
  2. StockSnap
    These guys are great. They do a really nice job presenting the variety of photos on their website and help you find the best photo to match your keyword. Check them out — I think you’ll be impressed.
  3. LightStock
    Okay, I know, this one isn’t completely free. But their pricing packages are totally reasonable, and the quality of photos is impeccable (and I think, pretty trendy). They offer great options and I love how they have the entire photoshoot linked to each photo. This is helpful if you want more than one angle. And, they do have something free! Each week, when you sign up, they give you a free vector, video and photo — and let me tell you, they don’t just choose from the bottom of the barrel, they give you nice things that will help any non-profit, business or ministry.
  4. Gratisography
    If your brand and voice is a bit more quirky and bold – I would recommend these guys. Again, all completely free, and they offer super unique and eye-catching photos that might really grab your audience’s attention.

Like I said, using unique and good quality photos is sure to grab your audience’s attention better. And plus, they’re more likely to share your content and message too, which expands your reach. We hope you find these options helpful as we want to provide you the best resources to keep growing your brand and influence.